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Outlined layers diagram on a dark background
from deck Multi-level Layer Diagrams (PPT Template)

Outlined Layers Slide Template

Slide Content

The slide features a graphic representation of four layers, each connected to a corresponding text box with a title and space for a description. The layers are outlined in different colors—green, teal, orange, and blue—signifying distinct aspects or levels. Each layer is meant to represent a different concept or step, such as stages in a process or hierarchical levels in an organization, and is associated with a placeholder text for further explanation.

Graphical Look

  • A large white circle in the center with multicolored outlined rectangles representing layers.
  • Four colored lines with round bullet points connecting the central graphics to the text boxes.
  • Each text box contains a number and a placeholder for a title and description, matching the color of the associated line.
  • The background image is a subtle, blurred cityscape in shades of navy and teal.

The slide presents a clean and organized visual composition, utilizing colored outlines and connectors to create an association between the central graphic and the text content.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate the different components of a business strategy or model.
  • To depict the breakdown of a project into phases or milestones.
  • To present layers of management or departments within an organization.
  • To explain the steps in a development process or other sequential workflows.

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