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Labels - transparent

Slide Content

The slide shows various styles of transparent labels that can be used to add text over images or colored backgrounds without obscuring the view. These labels appear in five distinct shapes, each allowing for text inputs while maintaining the visibility of what lies beneath them. The transparent effect indicates that any text added to these labels would easily blend with the slide's background.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a soft gradient from white at the top to a pale gray at the bottom.
  • Five sketched-style label shapes are spread across the slide, with a hand-drawn, irregular outline.
  • Each label has a varying degree of transparency, allowing the background gradient to show through.
  • The labels come in different shapes: two are horizontal rectangles with varying widths; one is a shorter, wider rectangle; another is an arrow-like shape pointing left; and the last is a more complex ribbon banner style.
  • A subtle drop shadow effect appears behind each label, giving a sense of layering and depth.
  • All labels contain placeholder text, displayed as a URL.

The overall look of the slide is modern and creative, with the sketch-like labels conveying a sense of informality and flexibility. The transparency of the labels makes them versatile for overlaying on different backgrounds.

Use Cases

  • To emphasize key points or quotes in a presentation without blocking the underlying design or image.
  • During the branding process, to showcase logo or product taglines while keeping the focus on the product's visual.
  • In instructional slides, to draw attention to specific annotations or instructions without detracting from instructional graphics.
  • For marketing presentations to highlight unique selling points, offers, or calls to action in a visually appealing way.

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