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Key partners that showed with sticky notes board
from deck Business Model Canvas Template (PPT graphics)

Key Partners Slide Template

Slide Content:

The slide focuses on the "Key Partners" component of a Business Model Canvas. It is designed to capture the essential partners and alliances that contribute to a business’s operations and success. The placeholders suggest where descriptions of the partnerships should be added, indicating the importance of documenting who the partners are, what roles they play, and how they support the business's value proposition and customer service.

Graphical Look:

  • Icon of three interconnected figures on the left side, symbolizing partnership or collaboration
  • Three sticky note graphics in yellow with "Your description here" placeholder text
  • The background is a light monochrome shade, contrasting with the yellow notes

The slide has a clean and organized design that uses color and graphics effectively to designate space for partnership details. The iconography and sticky notes provide a visual cue for collaboration and note-taking, respectively.

Use Cases:

  • Team meetings to identify and discuss the strategic partners involved in a project or business model.
  • Startup pitch decks to show potential investors the key partnerships that will drive the business forward.
  • Business strategy sessions for mapping out or evaluating existing partnerships and their roles.
  • Onboarding presentations to introduce new team members to the company's essential external collaborations.

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