Key Cost Drivers Overview Slide

This slide contains various visuals describing CAPEX, PEX, and OPEX in values and shares. Each category's budget and last year's performance are presented in a different color. This simple yet powerful layout conveys complex comparisons in a digestible way.

What Does This Key Cost Drivers Overview Slide Include?

  • Three light grey containers for CAPEX, PEX, and OPEX bar charts with the legend
  • Icons placed on arrow-shaped light turquoise shapes: House With Money, People With Money, Bag of Money
  • Two light grey containers for horizontally placed titles of rows: million USD and % of revenue with icons: Bag of Money, Bag of Money With Percent
  • Yellow and navy bar charts providing information on the results in all categories

This Key Cost Drivers Overview Slide is a part of our Actions Template Against Climate Change PPT Presentation.

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