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June — with place for notes

Slide Content

The slide represents a simple calendar layout for the month of June 2016, highlighting the ability to add notes for specific dates. Each week is organized from Sunday to Saturday, indicating a Western calendar format. Dates are shown in individual cells, with a light gray fill indicating past days and white fill for future days. The structure is designed to easily observe the progression of the month and accommodate additional annotations where necessary.

Graphical Look

  • A large, light-gray arrow points to the left with "June 2016" embossed in it, indicating the month and year the calendar represents.
  • A standard grid layout serves as the calendar, with columns labeled for the days of the week from "SUN" to "SAT" in dark grey text.
  • Rows correspond to weeks within the month; each cell contains a date number in the upper right corner.
  • The current day is marked with a darker grey circle behind the date number.
  • The background for past days has a light gray fill, distinguishing them from the white background used for future days.
  • A small orange text box is shown on the 2nd of the month with the text "(a note…)" to illustrate where notes can be added.

The overall look is minimalist and businesslike, with a neutral color palette contributing to a professional appearance. The calendar is straightforward, with icons and colors used sparingly for clarity and emphasis.

Use Cases

  • Tracking project milestones or deadlines in a business presentation.
  • Outlining a schedule for a month-long event or series of events.
  • Planning and displaying company-wide activities or holidays for employees.
  • Keeping track of important dates during a presentation to investors, partners, or team members.

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