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ITIL transition pocess diagram
from deck Flat Paint Brush Strokes Diagrams (PPT Template)

ITIL Transition Process Diagram Example with Icons

Slide Content

The slide titled "ITIL Transition Process Diagram Example with Icons" shows a process flow across four steps: Define the overall transition strategy—establishing a high-level plan for ITIL transition; Review and accept inputs—evaluating contributions for the process; Plan and coordinate transition—detailing the specifics for IT transition execution; Support and advice the transition process—offering assistance throughout the implementation.

Graphical Look

  • Four cylindrical icons aligned horizontally, each with a unique color (gray, purple, green, and blue) and containing a numbered label (1 to 4).
  • A curved arrow connects each cylinder to the next, suggesting a sequential flow.
  • Accompanying icons representing each step's purpose: a chess piece for strategy, a magnifying glass for review, crossing arrows for planning and coordination, and a sound icon for support and advice.
  • Each step has a corresponding text label directly below the cylinders and associated icons, providing a brief explanation of the step.
  • The first and last cylinders are connected by a dotted line that wraps around the slide's right edge and reappears on the left, forming a continuous loop.

The slide employs a clean and modern design aesthetic with bold colors and minimalistic icons to depict a linear process. The use of containers for numbers and clear labeling makes the sequence easy to follow.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the ITIL transition process in staff training or onboarding sessions.
  • Explaining the phases of ITIL implementation to stakeholders during project kickoff meetings.
  • Outlining the planned ITIL process to a team during a strategic planning session.
  • Visualizing project workflows in status update presentations to management or clients.

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