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Items of Suppliers Code of Conduct
from deck Social Sustainability Report ESG Presentation (PPT Template)

Items of Suppliers Code of Conduct

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide entitled "Items of Suppliers Code of Conduct" outlines key areas of requirements for labor, health & safety, environment, ethics, and management systems. Each area features a couple of points, with placeholders for additional descriptions. Labor focuses on freedoms such as association and choice of employment; Health & Safety includes sanitation and injury prevention; Environmental addresses material restrictions and water management; Ethics covers information disclosure and intellectual property; Management Systems mentions audits and company commitment.

Graphical Look

  • Five horizontal blocks, each with an icon, title, and a list of bullet points below.
  • The icons are in colored circular backgrounds with a folded corner effect, contrasting with the white slide background.
  • The first block icon signifies 'Labor' with a briefcase and user silhouette.
  • The second block icon depicts 'Health & Safety' with a cross signifying medical attention and care.
  • The third block icon for 'Environmental' shows hands cradling the earth, symbolizing environmental stewardship.
  • The fourth block symbol for 'Ethics' is a balance scale, indicating fairness and justice.
  • The fifth block icon illustrates 'Management Systems' with three interconnected human figures representing teamwork and system management.
  • Each block title is bold and capitalized, set against a line for visual separation from the bullet points.
  • Bullet points are provided for detailed specifications, with some completed and others available for customization.

The design is clean and corporate, with a cohesive color scheme that visually separates each topic. Icons are modern and simplistic, facilitating quick recognition of each category.

Use Cases

  • Corporate presentations on supplier expectations and guidelines.
  • Educational seminars for vendors on compliance and ethical practices.
  • Orientation sessions for procurement teams to align with corporate standards and values.
  • Internal reviews or audits that focus on supply chain management and responsibilities.

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