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Slide Content

The slide is titled "FUNNELING LEADS" and it visually represents the process of lead qualification and conversion in the form of a funnel. The funnel is marked with the phrase "Incoming Stream" at the top and features different icons representing lead stages: blue for unqualified leads, light blue for qualified leads, orange for approached leads, green for promising leads, and teal for customers. This imagery serves as a metaphor for filtering leads from the initial interest stage down to actual customers.

Graphical Look

  • A large, dark blue funnel dominates the slide, wide at the top and tapering to the bottom.
  • Inside the funnel, there are multiple stylized human figures in various colors to indicate different types of leads.
  • A lighter gray banner spans the width of the funnel's top with the label "Incoming Stream".
  • To the right of the funnel, there are five circles, each containing a human icon that corresponds to the figures within the funnel.
  • Each circle on the right is paired with a label, identifying the type of lead it represents: "Unqualified lead," "Qualified lead," "Approached lead," "Promising lead," and "Customer."
  • The icons are color-coded to match each step of the process, with blue, light blue, orange, green, and teal colors used consistently between the funnel figures and the corresponding circles.

The slide uses a simple and clean design with bold colors to differentiate between the stages of lead processing. The use of iconography and color-coding makes the information highly digestible and visually engaging.

Use Cases

  • To explain the sales pipeline stages during a marketing or sales team presentation.
  • For training new sales representatives on the process of lead management.
  • In a strategic meeting to discuss improvements in the lead qualification process.
  • As a visual aid in a pitch to potential investors to demonstrate the customer acquisition strategy.

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