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Financial Decks

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Slide Content

The slide presents demographic segments of a targeted customer base, divided into areas of Income, Family structure, and Interests. "Income" shows five categories with percentage breakdowns - less than $40k to over $150k, indicating different income levels. "Family" illustrates the customer's marital status and number of children, featuring terms like "Single" and "Mar., 2 chil." for marital status with one or two children. "Interests" depicts customer preferences with colorful tags for Sports, High Tech, Gaming, Music, and more, giving insight into various leisure activities and preferences.

Graphical Look

  • The slide uses a dark and light blue color scheme with orange highlighting to draw attention to key details.
  • Three main content blocks are displayed with a white title and various shades of blue backgrounds.
  • A pie chart represents each of the three categories: Income, Family, and Interests, with segments colored in orange tones to correspond to listed items.
  • Colored rectangles with text labels correspond to segments in the pie charts, facilitating the association between the chart segments and textual descriptions.
  • The Income chart has a stacked coin icon, Family has a parent and child silhouette, and Interests has a smiling emoticon, symbolizing each category.

The slide has an overall modern and clean design with unified graphics that clearly categorize information through color-coding and icons.

Use Cases

  • Presenting customer segmentation analysis in a marketing or sales strategy meeting.
  • Illustrating demographic profiles in a business plan or investment pitch.
  • Sharing consumer insights during product development discussions.
  • Aiding in the creation of targeted advertising campaigns or personalized marketing strategies.

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