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Product launch timeline example with outline icons
from deck Plane Flight Timeline Diagrams (PPT Template)

Product Launch Timeline Example

Slide Content

The slide presents a product launch timeline, outlining the sequence and duration of five critical stages. "Developing ideas, creating descriptions, targeting, and positioning" is the first stage, expected to take 3 months, suggesting groundwork in conceptualizing and marketing strategy. The next stage, "Creating medias presence, promotion, pricing," spans 2 months, emphasizing marketing efforts. The third stage, lasting 1 month, is "Package design, creating samples, preparing launch events," focusing on product presentation and pre-launch activities. The fourth stage is a swift 2-week period for "Finalizing product kits, delivering samples, press release," indicating the preparation for the product's introduction. Lastly, a 1-week phase involves the "Launch event, commercials, social media update," marking the product's entry into the market.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background features what appears to be a blueish world map.
  • A horizontal dotted line traverses the slide from left to right, representing the timeline.
  • Five distinct milestones are visually connected by the timeline, using hexagonal and pentagonal icons.
  • Each milestone is paired with a text box that provides a brief description of the stage.
  • The icons include symbols for handshake, media, packaging, a checkmark inside a box, and an airplane to symbolize the launch.
  • Durations for each stage are clearly labeled above the timeline in large bold numbers with a time unit (e.g., "3 months").
  • The color scheme includes shades of blue, orange, white, and gray, providing a professional and clean aesthetic.
  • The final icon, an airplane, visually denotes the product launch, implying the completion of the roadmap.

The slide has a professional and clear visual hierarchy, using icons and color-coding to effectively communicate the timeline of activities leading up to a product launch.

Use Cases

  • In business strategy meetings to outline the planning phase for launching a new product.
  • During marketing presentations to explain the go-to-market strategy and various promotional efforts.
  • For project management updates among teams to track the progress and upcoming phases of product development.
  • To investors or stakeholders to showcase the comprehensive steps and efforts involved in bringing a product to market.

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