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Icons: Event Colors, Deadlines Signs
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Icons: Event Colors, Deadlines Signs

Slide Content

The slide appears to be focused on showcasing icons used for indicating event colors and deadline signs in project management or event planning contexts. A variety of map pin icons are displayed, each with different colors and symbols inside to differentiate between various projects or deadlines. Accompanying each pin icon is a corresponding colored square, labeled with "Project [number]" or "Project [letter]" to facilitate easy visual correlation between the colored icons and project identifiers.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a white background which provides a clean and distraction-free backdrop for the icons and text.
  • At the top of the slide, there is a teal-colored rectangle with the slide title in white text.
  • Six pin-shaped icons are displayed in a horizontal row with varying colors and interior symbols (like a star or circle).
  • Two ribbons with text are situated above and below the row of icons, labeled "Fully editable" and "Editable filling, shadow, text…" respectively.
  • Below the icons, there are eight colored squares (two rows of four), each one associated with a different 'project' label. The squares' colors correspond with the icons above them.
  • The colors for these squares vary, including teal, orange, purple, and green, with alternate patterns such as stripes to distinguish between similar shades.
  • Each project label is a simple text, using a contrasting color that ensures readability against the background color of its respective square.

The slide utilizes a simple and professional design, with emphasis placed on color coding and iconography for clear visual communication. The alignment of icons and color squares is meticulously done to ensure a structured and uncluttered representation of information.

Use Cases

  • In business presentations to display project status updates, with colors representing different project phases or priorities.
  • For event planning meetings to visually map out various tasks or deadlines, aiding in quick identification and discussion.
  • Within project management workflows for enhancing dashboards or reports with a visual key to indicate milestones, deliverables, or critical path items.
  • During team briefings, to visually categorize different areas of responsibility or segments of a larger project or event, improving clarity and engagement.

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