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Icons: Calendar Hand-drawn Markers

Slide Content

The slide titled "Icons: Calendar Hand-drawn Markers" presents a set of six hand-drawn ellipse shapes intended to represent markers for a calendar. These items are noted to be "Fully editable," implying that one can change aspects such as the filling, shadow, and outline. The hand-drawn aesthetic of the icons suggests a more personal and informal approach to marking calendar events.

Graphical Look

  • A teal banner on the top left corner with the slide title in white text.
  • A smaller teal ribbon tag labeled "Fully editable" resides beneath the title banner.
  • Six hand-drawn ellipse shapes are evenly distributed across the slide.
  • The first three ellipse shapes are larger and drawn with a single blue color.
  • The second row of ellipses is smaller and features multi-colored outlines in teal, green, and purple, respectively.

The slide has a minimalist and clean design. The hand-drawn ellipses convey a casual yet customizable appearance suitable for creative or informal presentations.

Use Cases

  • To enhance the visual appeal of a project management presentation by including calendar markers with a personalized touch.
  • In educational settings, to make scheduling and planning more engaging for students or participants.
  • During creative team meetings, to brainstorm and highlight important dates in a less formal or structured manner.
  • Within marketing materials to showcase event planning or timeline customization options in a visually appealing way.

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