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from deck Scrum Process and Artefacts Presentation Template (PPT icons)

Scrum Meetings – Backlog Grooming

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is discussing the concept of 'Backlog Grooming' in Scrum Meetings. Backlog grooming, also known as backlog refinement, is a recurring event in Scrum frameworks where the development team reviews items on the product backlog to ensure the backlog contains the appropriate items, that they are prioritized, and that the items at the top are ready for delivery. The slide visually emphasizes this by showcasing two contrasting icons labeled "Big icon" and "Thumbnail icon."

Graphical Look

  • There is a light grey background across the entire slide.
  • Two icons are centrally aligned horizontally, with ample white space around them.
  • The icon on the left is labeled "Big icon" and depicts a person with a clipboard or document, surrounded by six circular elements, which may represent tasks or stories, and a striped horizontal object that could symbolize a timeline or progress indicator.
  • The "Big icon" is within a larger rectangle with a shadow, giving it the appearance of a framed picture or poster.
  • The icon on the right is smaller, labeled "Thumbnail icon," and shows a circular arrow, perhaps indicating iteration or refresh, with a small depiction of a document inside.
  • Both icons have a sketched, hand-drawn style with color highlights—orange for circles and stripes, and gray scale for other elements.
  • Below each icon is a banner with a drop shadow, where each label is placed.

The presentation style is minimalist and modern, using simple icons with a sketched appearance to convey key concepts in a visually appealing manner. The hand-drawn style of the icons adds a personalized touch to the slide's professional look.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the concept and activities involved in backlog grooming to a team new to Scrum methodology.
  • Used as part of a training or educational session focused on Agile project management principles and practices.
  • In a kickoff meeting for a new project, to outline expected Scrum ceremonies and team responsibilities.
  • During a retrospective, to discuss ways to improve the backlog grooming process or highlight its importance.

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