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HR Recruiting – Candidate Profile Infographics
from deck People Activities and Body Poses Stick Figures (outline PPT icons)

HR Recruiting – Candidate Profile Infographics

Slide Content

The slide displays various attributes of an ideal job candidate translated into pictograms. The 'Competent' attribute is signified by a pictogram of a person at a desk, suggesting PC literacy and education. 'Achiever' is represented by an active figure, denoting a proactive and enthusiastic individual. 'Supportive' is symbolized by two figures together, indicating a team player attitude. Lastly, 'Communicative' portrays two figures engaged in discussion, highlighting important interpersonal skills.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, with a large grey overlay to the right.
  • There are four large colored circles in green, red, blue, and teal, each containing a white pictogram representing different attributes.
  • The title is in the upper part of the slide in bold, dark font.
  • Four descriptors are vertically aligned on either side of the slide, corresponding with the colored circles and attributes.
  • The descriptors have lines leading to their corresponding circles.
  • The circles are interconnected with dotted lines, suggesting a relationship between the attributes.
  • The font used for descriptors is sans-serif, which enhances readability on the slide.

The slide possesses a clean and modern design with a strong use of color to distinguish different areas. The icons are simple and easily understandable, reflecting the characteristics they represent.

Use Cases

  • This slide can be used in a human resources presentation to visually represent the qualities of an ideal job candidate during the recruitment process.
  • Employers may use it during job interviews to communicate the traits they value in potential employees.
  • It can also be employed in training sessions for hiring managers, illustrating the core competencies to look for in candidates.
  • Additionally, this slide could be utilized in career guidance workshops to advise applicants on the attributes they should highlight in their resumes and interviews.

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