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from deck Euler Diagrams of Set Relationship (PPT Template)

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The Euler Diagram Template explains how Euler Diagrams work. This example consists of four columns. The first column shows the difference between sets with no items in common. For example, group A shows animals living in water such as sharks, jellyfish, and tortoises; group B contains mammals like cats, elephants, and goats. The second column shows that groups will have shared sections with common elements. For instance, the common elements in groups A and B are whales and dolphins because they are mammals who live in water. The third column shows that one set can fit entirely into another. The last column demonstrates that as there are more sets, the more complex relations between them can be shown. For example, sets A and B are animals that are part of set C. You can create an Euler diagram if you are a marketing specialist who wants to visualize the relationship between different sets of target customer groups in an elegant presentation design. You can download this PPT template on Google Slides and Keynote.

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White Background, Text Box, Blue Circle, Green Circle, Dark Blue Rectangle

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