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Horizontal timeline with description to each position
from deck Creative Company Presentation Deck (Scribble PPTX Template)

Horizontal Timeline

Slide Content

The slide titled "Horizontal Timeline" presents a visual representation of a timeline consisting of five rectangular boxes with "Sample text" placeholders, which are interconnected by a line that has circular elements at each juncture. Each box presumably represents a different event or milestone, with the placement along the line indicating the sequence. The timeline uses a horizontal format which suggests a progression from left to right, typically used to highlight chronological events or steps in a process in a clear and linear manner.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white.
  • There is a central, horizontal dark grey line that acts as the timeline.
  • On the timeline, there are five gold-rimmed, orange circles evenly spaced, serving as connectors.
  • Four rectangular boxes with a blue patterned background sit above the line, each connected to one of the circles.
  • One additional box with the same blue pattern sits slightly below the timeline, between the third and fourth circles from the left.
  • The words "Sample text" in bold are centered in each of the five boxes.
  • A grey arrowhead points to the right, indicating the continuation of the timeline past the last box.

The slide follows a minimalist design with a clear visual hierarchy, making it easy to follow. The use of blue for the boxes and the orange for timeline connectors provides a good contrast that outlines the sequence effectively.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating project phases or milestones in a business presentation.
  • Demonstrating the timeline of a product development process.
  • Outlining historical events or future projections in a corporate strategy meeting.
  • Presenting the sequential steps in a workflow or process improvement plan.

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