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Horizontal Radial Diagram (PPT Template) - infoDiagram
from deck Radial Diagram Fan Chart Infographics (PPT Template)

Horizontal Radial Diagram Slide

A horizontal radial diagram is a type of diagram used to visualize data in a half circle. It’s an effective way to compare multiple variables and show the relationship between them. The circles are divided into segments that represent each category, and their relative percentages indicate how the variables are connected. This type of diagram is useful for displaying information about different aspects of different entities, in this case, demographics. It can also be used to compare several entities at once, allowing you to easily identify patterns and trends within the data. With its clear visuals, horizontal radial diagrams make it easier to identify correlations and create meaningful slides from your analysis.

What Does This Horizontal Radial Diagram Slide Include?

  • Radial diagram with colored categories.
  • Tables to input your text.
  • Elder logo, adult man and woman icons, and child logo.

This Horizontal Radial Diagram slide is a part of our Radial Fan Chart PowerPoint Template.

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