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Horizontal outlined decision with tree flow chart
from deck Outline Diagrams - Ultimate Deck for Visual Presentations (PPT graphics)

Horizontal Outlined Decision Tree Flow Chart with Product Categories and Status Marks

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide illustrates a decision tree flow chart that is designed to outline a process horizontally. It includes placeholders for text descriptions and symbols indicating product categories and statuses. These decision points can represent moments in a process where a choice between different options is made, with each option leading the user down a unique path. Icons such as a box, document, and checkmark or cross are used to indicate different stages or outcomes, such as completion status, project stages, or evaluation results.

Graphical Look

  • The slide‚Äôs background is a gradient of white fading into a muted blue at the bottom.
  • There are five horizontal flow charts outlined with a dotted line branching structure.
  • Each flow chart utilizes a unique color (orange, green, dark blue, light blue, and purple) to differentiate between the paths.
  • A variety of icons are located at the decision nodes: a square, a document, an 'X' mark, a checkmark, and a user or person silhouette.
  • Each decision node is connected by a line and ranges in shape from diamonds to squares, depending on the status represented.
  • Text placeholders are adjacent to each icon, inviting the presenter to add details.

The slide is well-organized with clear visual differentiation between the separate decision paths. The use of colorful icons and lines helps to distinguish various outcomes and stages in the outlined processes.

Use Cases

  • To display alternate decision outcomes in a business strategy or planning presentation.
  • For visualizing project management stages and the status of different tasks or deliverables.
  • In a product development meeting to outline paths for product features or releases.
  • To demonstrate troubleshooting steps or customer journey in customer service training materials.

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