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Horizontal hexagon list of six elements
from deck Outline Diagrams - Ultimate Deck for Visual Presentations (PPT graphics)

Horizontal Squares List of 6 Elements

Slide Content

The slide presents a list format with six elements, each housed in a distinct colored diamond-shaped outline that resembles a rotated square. Each element features an icon and a placeholder for a header and descriptive text, indicating the template is designed for customizing with specific informational content. The icons suggest a sequence or categories, such as teamwork, shopping, documentation, business tools, achievement, and learning or support services. These visual elements are intended to be replaced with text relevant to the presenter’s topic.

Graphical Look

  • Six diamond-shaped (rotated square) outlines are aligned in a horizontal sequence.
  • Each diamond has a unique color border (cyan, green, purple, orange, blue, and gray).
  • Inside every diamond, there's a different icon centered at the top.
  • Icons represent: two people, a shopping cart, a clipboard, a briefcase, a trophy, and a hand holding a book.
  • Beneath each icon, placeholders labeled "Header" are followed by text prompts for additional descriptions.
  • Each diamond is connected by a line with a neutral-colored diamond shape in the center, creating a visual flow across the slide.

The overall look is clean and modern, with a simple color scheme that is visually pleasing. The use of icons and descriptive placeholders makes the slide highly customizable for various presentation needs.

Use Cases

  • Visualizing steps or stages in a process, where each diamond represents a different phase.
  • Showcasing different services or features of a product with each element illustrating a unique selling point.
  • Presenting team roles or department functions in an organizational structure.
  • Summarizing key points of a business strategy or educational lesson with each diamond highlighting a central theme.

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