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Healthcare usage example deaths caused by alcohol poisoning gender factor
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Deaths caused by alcohol poisoning

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide presents statistical data on "Deaths caused by alcohol poisoning" focusing on gender distribution. The slide uses visual icons to represent the gender distribution of deaths, with male icons presented in purple and female icons in green. It highlights that 76% of the deaths are males, implying a higher vulnerability or exposure among the male population, while 24% are females, indicating a lesser but still significant percentage.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clear and distinctive title at the top in a large teal rectangle with white text.
  • Below the title, there is a subtitle "Gender distribution" in a smaller, darker grey rectangle.
  • A graphical representation of gender is shown through rows of icons, with male figures colored in purple and female figures in green.
  • A large, grey, no-alcohol symbol is watermarked behind the gender icons on the left side of the slide.
  • Two horizontal bars on the right represent statistics: a purple bar for males labeled "76%" and a green bar for females labeled "24%".
  • Each statistical bar has a corresponding colored circle that connects to the respective gender icons with a line, indicating the correlation between the icon rows and the data.

The slide is visually balanced with the use of icons and color-coded bars to convey statistical information. The use of gender-specific colors and clear percentages clearly communicates the gender distribution of alcohol poisoning deaths.

Use Cases

  • Presenting health data in a public health or medical conference to highlight the impact of alcohol poisoning on different genders.
  • Using in a policy briefing to decision-makers or legislators when discussing the importance of gender-specific interventions for alcohol-related harm prevention.
  • Incorporating into educational presentations to inform students or the general public about the risks of alcohol consumption and its gendered effects.
  • Analysing trends and demographics in research presentations or epidemiological studies related to substance abuse and public health.

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