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Healthcare usage example deaths caused by alcohol poisoning age distribution
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Deaths caused by alcohol poisoning

Slide Content

The slide presents statistical data on the age distribution of deaths caused by alcohol poisoning, using wine glass icons to represent different age groups. Each glass corresponds to a specific age bracket and is filled proportionally to indicate the percentage of deaths: those under 24 years are at 13%, 25-34 years at 21%, 35-44 years also at 21%, 45-54 years at 34%, 55-64 years again at 21%, and those above 65 years at a lower, unmarked percentage. This visual representation emphasizes the higher incidence of alcohol poisoning fatalities among middle-aged individuals.

Graphical Look

  • The title is in bold, large font at the top against a teal background, suggesting formality and importance.
  • A ribbon graphic accents the right side of the title, creating a visual break and perhaps implying a continuation or additional information related to the topic.
  • An icon representing prohibition of alcohol consumption is in the upper left, using a grayscale color scheme to likely denote the negative aspect of the subject.
  • A legend titled 'Age distribution' in a light gray box accompanies the graphic.
  • Wine glass icons in varying sizes depict different age groups, with the largest glass representing the 45-54 age bracket, denoting the highest percentage.
  • Percentage figures are placed inside color-coded boxes corresponding to each wine glass, improving readability and connection between data and graphic.
  • The age groups are indicated on a horizontal axis below the glasses, with brackets of different age ranges in a smaller, dark font.

The slide employs a combination of icons, color-coded text boxes, and typography to present data effectively, using size to depict proportionality. The visual elements are harmonized and contribute to quick comprehension of the information presented.

Summary: The overall look of the slide is clean and professional, with a clear focus on the data visualization that facilitates quick absorption of the key statistical message. The choice of colors and icons is thematic and serves to highlight the serious subject of alcohol poisoning mortality.

Use Cases

  • Healthcare and Public Health Presentations: To illustrate data trends in health risks associated with alcohol consumption.
  • Policy or Advocacy Meetings: To support discussions on policies or interventions aimed at reducing alcohol-related harm.
  • Educational Settings: As an informative slide in educational programs about substance abuse and its consequences.
  • Awareness Campaigns: In campaigns to raise public awareness about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption.

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