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Healthcare medical icons blue green negative editable powerpoint clipart
from deck Health Care Medical and Pharmaceuticals Icons (PowerPoint clipart)

Example of editability of icons

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents the concept of icon editability. It showcases three different states of an icon to demonstrate its customizable features: color change, quick style application, and a reversed version. "Change color" indicates that the icon's primary color can be altered, "Apply quick style" suggests that predefined styles can be applied for immediate visual changes, and "Reversed version" shows the icon with inverted colors, enhancing contrast and visual impact.

Graphical Look

  • A bold purple ribbon banner with the slide title "Fully editable" in white text.
  • Three circular icons, each enclosed within a thin purple outline.
  • The leftmost icon is lime green, representing the "Change color" editable feature.
  • The center icon is light blue to illustrate the "Apply quick style" feature.
  • The third icon is purple, displaying the "Reversed version" feature; it also has a thicker border.
  • Grey arrows connecting the icons, implying progression or options for editing.
  • The two descriptive text labels, "Change color" and "Reversed version," are placed below their respective icons in black.
  • The label "Apply quick style" is placed to the right of the center icon, also in black.

The overall look is clean and professional, with high contrast and clear indications of the editable features of the icons. The colored icons stand out against a white background, making the information easily digestible.

Use Cases

  • To demonstrate software features that allow users to customize visual elements within the program.
  • In graphic design or template presentations to show the versatility of assets provided.
  • For instructional purposes, explaining how to edit icons in a user interface or document.
  • During a marketing pitch for design tools, illustrating the customization capabilities to potential clients.

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