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Common species

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Common species" and it exhibits a trio of plant illustrations, each labeled with its common name: Ash, Basket willow, and Bamboo. Each plant is represented by a stylized icon conveying its distinguishing features: Ash is shown with compound leaves; Basket willow with its narrow leaves and catkins; Bamboo is symbolized by its iconic segmented stem and leaves, reflecting its unique growth pattern and utility.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean and minimalist design with a white background.
  • There are three stylized icon illustrations, arranged horizontally across the slide.
  • Each icon corresponds to a plant species and is accompanied by a label below it.
  • The icons are simple and flat in design, with subtle shading and a limited green color palette.
  • Two blocks below the icons showcase the same plant illustrations, optimized for different background colors: dark and natural.

The slide is visually appealing with a balanced use of space and color that highlights the icons effectively. The arrangement of elements creates a harmonious look, emphasizing clarity and ease of understanding.

Use Cases

  • To introduce a segment on biodiversity or botany in an educational presentation.
  • As part of an environmental conservation pitch, illustrating various plant species being discussed or conserved.
  • In a business setting, to metaphorically represent different business units or product lines that share common characteristics.
  • During a workshop on sustainable resources, showcasing examples of plants used in different industries.

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