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from deck World Maps: Continents, Countries, Population, Transport icons

Hand-drawn World Map

Slide Content

The slide displays a hand-drawn world map in a scribble style, illustrating a unique and casual approach to global depiction. This style could imply a creative or conceptual aspect rather than a focus on precision or detail. The phrase "Fully editable" suggests that the map can be customized to suit different presentation needs, such as highlighting specific areas or overlaying data. The casual artwork of the map contrasts with traditional formal cartography, potentially making this slide engaging for an audience seeking an informal yet communicative visual aid.

Graphical Look

  • There are three versions of a world map, each with a different color scheme: green, grey, and orange.
  • The continents are depicted in a loose, sketch-like manner, conveying a hand-drawn aesthetic.
  • Each map is filled with a pattern of diagonal lines providing a sense of texture.
  • The title of the slide is in the top left corner, above the largest map, it is colored in a dark teal.
  • A ribbon banner in the top right corner of the slide says "Fully editable" and has a blue background with a darker blue corner.
  • The maps are not geographically accurate and seem to focus on visual impact rather than precision.

The slide overall has a playful and approachable look due to the hand-drawn, scribbled style of the world maps. The different colors of the maps provide options for customization or to suit different themes within a presentation.

Use Cases

  • To present global strategies or footprints in a more creative industry, such as marketing or design.
  • For educational purposes, to engage students with a more relaxed and artistic representation of world geography.
  • In workshops or brainstorming sessions to signify global thought processes without the formality of detailed maps.
  • In non-profit or community presentations to evoke a sense of global unity and collaborative effort with an approachable visual.

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