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Handdrawn markers and diagram highlighting
from deck Data Privacy GDPR Training Template (PPT Diagrams)

Icons: Hand-drawn Markers for Diagrams Highlighting

Slide Content

The slide is a showcase of various hand-drawn marker icons that can be used for highlighting elements in a diagram. These include different styles of circles and arrows. Each style aims to bring attention to parts of presentations or documents in a visually appealing way. The circles may indicate selection or focus areas, while the arrows could signify directionality, flow, or connections between items.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a clean, white color.
  • There is a large dark teal rectangle with a white outline at the top right, with the phrase "Fully editable icons" in white text.
  • Inside the teal rectangle, there are three icons - two arrows and a circle - colored in yellow, orange, and red, with a drop shadow effect.
  • To the left, there are three columns of hand-drawn icons in blue, light blue, and purple respectively.
  • Each column has a set of arrows and circles that differ in their scribbled appearance and emphasis style.
  • The icon colors are bright and stand out well against the white background.

The overall look of the slide is minimalist with a focus on the colorful, hand-drawn icons. It conveys creativity and an informal, friendly approach to diagram annotation.

Use Cases

  • To highlight key points or data in business presentations, making them stand out visually.
  • For workflow or process diagrams, where certain steps need to be accentuated.
  • In educational materials, to draw students' attention to important concepts or pathways.
  • During brainstorming sessions, to mark ideas or items that require further discussion or are of high importance.

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