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from deck Handdrawn Flowers (PPT icons)

Scribble Spring Icons

Slide Content

The slide presents a colorful array of 'Scribble Spring Icons' with a feature noting their "Editable filling, outline, shadow…” These icons seem to represent elements of springtime, such as butterflies, flowers, and sprouting plants, styled in a freehand scribble design which adds a casual and creative aesthetic to the slide. Each icon, ranging from the intricately outlined butterfly to the simple flower, can be customized, allowing users to adapt the icons’ colors and shadows to their specific presentation needs.

Graphical Look

  • Six hand-drawn style icons are showcased, each distinct in shape and color.
  • The icons include two butterflies, two flowers, a leafy branch, and a swirl design.
  • Color palette consists of bright spring colors, predominantly orange, with accents of purple and blue.
  • Icons exhibit a scribbled texture, conveying a playful and informal feel.
  • A text box floats on the top right, detailing the customization features of the icons.
  • The page background is white, providing a clean canvas that emphasizes the colorful icons.

The slide has an upbeat and creative appearance with its vivid colors and sketch-like icons. The layout is simple and uncluttered, producing a clear visual representation of spring-themed imagery that is versatile for various presentation contexts.

Use Cases

  • To add visual interest and convey a theme of growth and renewal in corporate presentations.
  • When illustrating seasonal themes or concepts in educational materials, such as teaching about the seasons.
  • For marketing materials that require a light-hearted, spring-related visuals to attract attention.
  • In creative design discussions to offer inspiration or examples of casual, hand-drawn graphic styles.

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