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Usage example

Slide Content

The slide titled "Usage example" appears to be showcasing different styles of callout graphics used for emphasizing text. There are four callouts, each containing the phrase "Sample text Lorem ipsum,” which is a commonly used placeholder text in design. These callouts could represent quotes, comments, or points of importance in a presentation. The various designs imply different levels of formality or playfulness, conveying that the style of a callout can be adapted to fit the tone of the presentation content.

Graphical Look

  • Four stylized callout shapes, each with a unique border design and containing text.
  • Top left callout: Oval with looping accents at the vertices and 'Sample text Lorem ipsum' in italic script inside.
  • Top right callout: Squared design with rounded corners and small circles at each cardinal point, featuring the same placeholder text.
  • Bottom left callout: Rectangular shape with scalloped edges on long sides and inward arcs on short sides, includes 'Sample text Lorem ipsum' in a bold, block font.
  • Bottom right callout: Another squared design, this time with inverted corners and a squiggly line border, filled with the familiar Lorem ipsum text.

The overall slide design is simple, with a white background enhancing the visibility of the blue hand-drawn callout graphics. The different styles of the callouts suggest a variety of methods for highlighting text within a presentation.

Use Cases

  • To highlight key points or quotes in a business presentation, providing emphasis and visual interest.
  • In a marketing presentation to stress unique selling points (USPs) or customer testimonials.
  • Within an educational or workshop setting, to call attention to learning objectives or important terms.
  • For creative brainstorming sessions, allowing for different ideas or concepts to be visually distinguished.

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