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Example of the scribble icons set for organizational charts
from deck Company Organizational Structure Charts (PPT diagrams)

Hand-drawn Scribble Icons (extendable)

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide presents two sets of icons under the categories "Hand-drawn Scribble Icons (extendable)" and "Fully editable icons." The hand-drawn icons are styled to appear sketched and include a light bulb (suggesting an idea), gears (representing collaboration or mechanics), a heart (symbolizing love or passion), an industrial symbol (implying manufacture or production), figures with speech bubbles (indicating conversation or discussion), and a financial chart (denoting growth or decline in economic contexts). The fully editable icons on the right are diamond shapes in various colors and styles, emphasizing customization and versatility in design.

Graphical Look

  • Two distinct sections separated by a thick, teal dividing line, with a lighter teal wave pattern as the background for the header section.
  • The left section features sketched style icons with a combination of orange and dark grey colors, representing various themes such as ideas, collaboration, emotion, industry, communication, and finance.
  • The right section includes cleanly designed diamond icons in multiple variations, with some arrayed in a muted gray tone and others in vibrant colors, emphasizing the editing aspect mentioned in the header.
  • One diamond icon is encircled and highlighted with a bright teal glow to attract focus.
  • A caption in the lower right corner inside a dark, semi-transparent box indicates the availability of more icons and directs viewers to a website for additional resources.

The slide has a clean and modern visual composition, using dual-toned themes to contrast the informal hand-drawn icons with the formal and polished fully editable icons. The differing styles convey a range of customization options for presentation aids.

Use Cases

  • Utilizing icons to add visual interest and aid comprehension in business presentations.
  • Emphasizing different areas or themes of a presentation through customized iconography.
  • Showcasing the flexibility of design elements that can be modified to fit brand guidelines.
  • Enhancing training materials or user guides with intuitive and relatable graphics to facilitate learning.

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