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Handdrawn Markers to Highlight, Underline Key Parts (extendable)

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents an array of handdrawn markers designed for highlighting or underlining essential parts of a presentation. These markers are noted as extendable, allowing for customization. The 'fully editable markers' indicate that users can modify these elements to suit their presentation needs. Each type of marker or underline serves to emphasize text or elements in unique ways, aiding in drawing attention or structuring content more clearly.

Graphical Look

  • Two distinct sections are present, divided by a central diagonal line; the left is white, and the right has a grey-to-teal gradient background.
  • The left section contains eight handdrawn shapes meant to represent markers for highlighting text; four rectangles and four ovals, each pair with a different style of lines.
  • The right section presents a style guide with two rows of markers; the top row has three circular shapes with different colors and outlines, the bottom has a thick blue brush stroke and a thin circled one.
  • Text labels in different fonts and sizes appear, describing the items (e.g., "Handdrawn Markers to Highlight, Underline Key Parts (extendable)" and "Fully editable markers").
  • The visual composition aligns with design aesthetics, balancing space and form, using color contrasts between the editable markers' vivid hues and the background.

The slide has a creative and informal feel, leveraging sketched elements that give the slide a handcrafted touch. The color contrasts and spatial arrangement guide the eye and create distinct areas of focus.

Use Cases

  • Enhancing key points in a business report or proposal to draw attention to important data or statements.
  • Emphasizing parts of a presentation during a training session or educational workshop.
  • Annotating portions of a slide during a brainstorming session to highlight ideas or concepts that need further exploration.
  • Adding a personalized touch to a marketing presentation to make certain elements stand out to the audience.

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