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Gridlines to easy work with columns
from deck Food Product Sell Sheet Presentation One Pager (PPT Template)

Gridlines to easy work with columns

Slide Content

The slide provides a template for showcasing a collection of products with an emphasis on design simplicity through the use of gridlines. Featuring placeholders for images, product names, and multiple descriptive fields, it guides the user to present information in a structured and visually appealing manner. Users are instructed to use "Alt + F9" to toggle gridlines visibility, facilitating ease of design alignment.

Graphical Look

  • The slide contains a large title in dark text at the top.
  • There is a medium-sized text box at the bottom left with instructions on using gridlines.
  • The rest of the slide consists of four identical columns containing placeholders for:
  • Logo at the top of each column.
  • A large text field for a collection name below the logo.
  • A smaller text field for an introductory description.
  • Picture placeholders with a star rating underneath them in the center.
  • Text fields labeled "Product name" followed by "Description" and "Ingredients" beneath the picture placeholders.
  • Additional small text fields labeled "Size," "Packaging," "Shelf Life," "Storage," "Allergens," "Delivery," and "Price" towards the bottom.
  • Each column is separated by dashed vertical gridlines.
  • There are color accents in green and grey, matched with the text boxes and icons.
  • Icons include a phone, a map pin, an internet browser symbol, and a mail envelope, associated with contact information.

The slide uses a clean and modern design with a green and grey color scheme. The use of dashed gridlines and spaced-out text boxes creates an organized and professional look.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a new product line during a marketing or sales pitch to highlight key features and differentiators.
  • Creating a catalog slide for a business proposal or investor presentation to showcase a product portfolio.
  • Developing educational materials for training purposes, explaining how to market or describe products effectively.
  • Using the template for trade show or exhibition displays where products are visually detailed for booth visitors.

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