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Governance Sustainability Icons Set – General
from deck Sustainable Corporate Governance ESG Presentation (PPT Template)

Governance Sustainability Icons Set – General

Slide Content: The slide presents a collection of clean-lined icons representing concepts critical to governance and sustainability. These concepts include 'Rocket' indicating innovation and progress; 'Innovation,' which typically refers to new ideas or methods; 'Science,' symbolizing research and knowledge; 'Data Cloud,' associated with cloud computing and storage; 'Data Protection,' stressing the importance of securing data; 'GDPR,' referring to the European data privacy regulation; 'Database' and 'Server,' which are key components of IT infrastructure; 'Trophy,' 'Win,' and 'Success,' denoting achievement; 'Care,' symbolizing concern or maintenance; 'Empathy,' indicating the understanding of others' feelings; 'Star,' often representing quality or excellence; 'Offer' and 'Value,' which pertain to propositions and worth in business; 'Protection' and 'Ecology,' critical elements of environmental stewardship; 'Gift' for generosity; 'Heart,' representing love or passion; 'Umbrella,' 'Insurance,' and 'Security,' which are associated with safety and risk management; 'Research,' for inquiry and investigation; 'Due Diligence,' referring to thorough research before business transactions; 'Magnifying Glass' and 'Inspection' for detailed examination; 'Eye,' 'Vision,' and 'Binoculars,' denoting foresight and observation; 'Forecast,' reflecting predictions or projections.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is split diagonally with dark teal on the top side, transitioning to a lighter teal on the bottom side, which creates an appealing contrast.
  • Each icon is outlined in a light blue, which stands out against the dark background.
  • The icons are arranged in a grid pattern across the slide, each depicting a different element of governance and sustainability.
  • A decorative motif at the top right corner features three umbrella icons in white, with each handle colored differently in yellow, orange, and light blue, which adds a pop of color to the design.
  • The title of the slide is in a lighter blue text, making it prominent against the dark backdrop.
  • The text below the icons, listing the concepts they represent, is in a clean and readable white font.

The overall look is modern and professional with a color scheme that is both eye-catching and sophisticated. The icons are simple yet effective in conveying their respective concepts.

Use Cases:

  • To visually enhance sections of a corporate presentation that discuss various aspects of governance or sustainability.
  • In a report to stakeholders, to represent the company's commitment to areas like data security, environmental protection, or social responsibility.
  • During employee training sessions, to illustrate the company's core values and practices related to ethical behavior or compliance.
  • As a part of an educational workshop, where participants learn about good governance and the importance of protecting data, the environment, and fostering a culture of care and success.

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