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Go To Market Outline Icons Set – Finance
from deck Go To Market Strategy Template Plan (PPT format)

Go To Market Outline Icons Set – Finance

Slide Content

The slide features a collection of icons related to finance, such as Money which could represent financial transactions, Euro and Dollar indicating currency types, Turnover illustrating business revenue cycles, Financial highlights which might include key financial metrics, Economy potentially representing the larger economic environment, Revenue indicating income generated, Online Payment implying electronic transactions, Buying signifying the act of purchase, and Retail Destinations denoting places where retail transactions occur.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's background is split between a light grey upper section and a dark blue lower section with a sharp, diagonal division.
  • There's a contrasting teal header on the left for visual interest with an embedded company logo.
  • A variety of line icons arranged in three rows, with three icons per row.
  • Icons are minimalistic and outlined, representing different finance-related concepts - currency bags with Euro and Dollar signs, a gear with a cogwheel, a highlighter, people with currency, and more.
  • The slide has a subtitle text box at the top with keywords relevant to the icons depicted.
  • A text box on the right side stating "Fully editable icons" in white uppercase letters is set against the dark blue background.
  • An additional circle emphasizes one of the Euro bag icons, highlighted with a blue circle and shadow effect to draw attention to it.
  • A call-to-action section at the bottom is emphasized with a lighter blue rectangle and text inviting the audience to visit a website for more icons.

The slide is sleek and modern, with a professional color scheme and simple iconography. The focus on clarity and minimalism makes the information easily digestible.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate various financial concepts during a business or financial presentation.
  • For summarizing different revenue streams in a company’s portfolio.
  • To enhance visual understanding in a presentation about online transactions and e-commerce.
  • As a part of a slide deck for financial analysis or market strategy meetings.

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