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Go To Market Outline Icons Set – Charts
from deck Go To Market Strategy Template Plan (PPT format)

Go To Market Outline Icons Set – Charts

Slide Content

The slide presents a collection of outline icons that are related to go-to-market strategies and data analysis visuals. These icons include representations for concepts such as Zoom, Analysis, Magnifying Glass, Trend, Increase, Decrease, Document, Check List, Board, Structure, Pluses, and Minuses. Each icon is designed to visually summarize a specific concept or tool used in market analysis and strategic planning. For example, the Magnifying Glass icon suggests detailed inspection or analysis, while the Trend icon depicts the idea of tracking changes or developments over time.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, providing a clean canvas for the icons.
  • There are twelve icons arranged in four rows of three, each icon encapsulated in a light grey square with rounded corners.
  • The icons are stylized with a minimalistic approach, consisting of thin grey lines and curves.
  • In the upper section, the slide displays magnifying glasses, pie charts, and bar charts.
  • The middle section features clipboard icons and organizational charts.
  • The lower section includes icons representing changes (plus and minus arrows) and abstract relationships or team dynamics (connected circles).
  • To the slide's right, three color variants of a clipboard icon are showcased in a dark blue banner under the heading "Fully editable icons."
  • A highlighted circle enclosing a fourth variant of the clipboard icon is positioned at the bottom right corner, with a call to action that reads "More icons available. Check our website" alongside a URL.

The slide's overall look is modern and professional, with a balance of simple iconography and strategic placement that creates a clear visual hierarchy. The use of a dark blue banner adds a subtle touch of color to the otherwise monochrome design.

Use Cases

  • As a visual aid in a business presentation outlining various aspects of a market strategy.
  • To enhance the visual appeal of slides in a marketing or sales pitch, using icons to represent key points and concepts.
  • To summarize and depict analytic processes, trends, and organizational frameworks to stakeholders during business meetings.
  • For educational purposes, explaining the different elements involved in marketing strategy formulation and analysis.

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