Go no go project status indicators template for four items
from deck Status Traffic Light RAG Table Graphics (PPT Template)

Go / No Go Project Status Indicators – 4 items template

Slide Content:

The slide is designed to provide a quick visual reference for project status evaluation, using 'Go' or 'No Go' indicators. Each item is paired with an icon—either a green figure to indicate 'Go' or a red hand to signify 'No Go'. This format is typically used to represent whether parts of a project meet the criteria to proceed or require additional work or assessment before moving forward.

Graphical Look:

  • Three pairs of icons and text placeholders, arranged in two columns.
  • Icons consist of a human silhouette with a green background for 'Go', and a hand with a red background for 'No Go'.
  • Grey rectangular backgrounds behind each icon create contrast.
  • Vertical colored lines to the left of the text placeholders, red or green, corresponding to the icons.

The overall appearance is straightforward and uses universal symbols to communicate the go-ahead or halt status, making it easily interpretable at a glance.

Use Cases:

This slide is suitable for project management meetings to indicate the readiness of different project components, decision-making processes to approve project phases or status updates where quick visual cues are needed to show progress.

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