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Giving feedback sandwich structure example sentence ppt
from deck Feedback Training Visuals Toolbox

Giving feedback - Tips and tricks 6

Slide Content

The slide presents the concept of "The feedback sandwich," a technique for giving constructive feedback. It involves starting with a positive comment, then providing a critique or suggestion for improvement, followed by another positive comment. The goal is to balance criticism with praise to prevent demoralization and encourage improvement. The example on the slide demonstrates this method with two positive observations about good organization and an excellent welcoming speech, with a critique that things could have been handled more calmly in between.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a light-colored background.
  • The slide title "Giving feedback - Tips and tricks 6" is centered at the top in large, bold text.
  • Below the title, there is a dark teal ribbon banner on the right with "The feedback sandwich" written in white text.
  • There are two speech bubble shapes—one in green with a happy face icon and positive feedback, and one in purple with a sad face icon and constructive criticism.
  • Each speech bubble shape has a small triangle pointing to a depiction of a sandwich icon, indicating the sequence of the feedback.
  • The fonts are consistent and readable, with the feedback text in white and black depending on the speech bubble color.

The overall look of the slide is clean and organized, with high-contrast colored sections making information clear and easily digestible. The use of graphical elements like speech bubbles and emoticons effectively illustrates the concept and sequence of the feedback sandwich method.

Use Cases

  • During a managerial training on providing effective employee performance reviews.
  • Within a workshop on communication skills, to illustrate how to provide balanced and constructive feedback.
  • As part of a team-building exercise where team members practice giving and receiving feedback.
  • In a presentation on leadership principles, to show how leaders can motivate and improve their team's output.

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