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Giving feedback provide solution example sentence pptx
from deck Feedback Training Visuals Toolbox

Giving feedback - Tips and tricks 8

Slide Content

The slide provides guidance on giving constructive feedback with the principle "Always provide a solution." It illustrates two contrasting approaches with examples. The first approach, "You were uninteresting," is a negative, non-constructive piece of feedback. The second approach includes a problem "It was tiring for me to follow you," followed by a solution "You could have given more examples during the training to break the big chunks of theory," demonstrating a constructive way to give feedback that aids in improvement.

Graphical Look

  • A large header in dark teal with white text that reads "Giving feedback - Tips and tricks 8."
  • Two speech bubble graphics, one with a frowning face icon and purple background, and the other with a smiling face icon and green background.
  • The purple speech bubble contains the negative feedback text "You were uninteresting." in white font.
  • The green speech bubble includes the constructive feedback "It was tiring for me to follow you. You could have given more examples during the training to break the big chunks of theory." in black font.
  • A light blue-rightward arrow that points to a larger dark teal rectangle, which highlights the slide's main message "Always provide a solution."

The slide uses contrasting colors (purple and green) for visual interest with speech bubbles to represent feedback, and an arrow to direct attention to the key point. The text is clearly readable, with distinct fonts and background colors that aid in differentiating between negative and constructive feedback examples. The overall look is colorful, simple, and communicates the concept of feedback effectively with a professional appearance.

Use Cases

  • During a management training session to demonstrate effective feedback techniques.
  • In a workshop about communication skills, particularly on how to provide constructive criticism.
  • In a performance review meeting, as a visual aid to guide managers on how to deliver feedback to their team members.
  • Within educational presentations to teach students or young professionals the importance of solution-oriented feedback in a collaborative setting.

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