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Giving feedback decisions assumption intention examples ppt
from deck Feedback Training Visuals Toolbox

Giving feedback - Tips and tricks 3

Slide Content

The slide seems to delve into the nuances of providing feedback effectively. It emphasizes the importance of addressing decisions and actions rather than making assumptions about intentions or interpretations. This concept underscores the need for objectivity and specificity when discussing performance or behavior. There are two speech bubble graphics, each with contrasting messages. The purple bubble includes a less constructive comment ("I don’t think you’re going in the right direction."), while the green bubble offers a more constructive approach ("I have some concerns about your proposed strategy, can we talk about it?"), suggesting a preference for openness and discussion in feedback.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a large, bold title in dark text at the top.
  • A teal and dark blue arrow banner highlights the main advice, "Talk about decisions and actions, not assumed intentions or interpretations."
  • Two speech bubble shapes; one is purple with a sad emoticon and a negative feedback quote, the other one is green with a smiley emoticon and a suggestive, positive approach to feedback.
  • A contrasting color palette is employed; dark teal, purple, and green dominate the slide.
  • The use of emoticons in speech bubbles adds a visual element to represent the emotional tone of the feedback.

The slide has a clean and straightforward design with a balanced use of colors and shapes to visually differentiate constructive from unconstructive feedback.

Use Cases

  • For training sessions on communication skills, particularly in giving and receiving feedback effectively.
  • Within human resources presentations detailing best practices for performance reviews and employee appraisals.
  • As part of managerial training programs to help team leaders and supervisors enhance their leadership skills.
  • In workshops or seminars focusing on interpersonal workplace dynamics and professional development.

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