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GDPR requirements illustrated with text placeholders
from deck Data Privacy GDPR Training Template (PPT Diagrams)

GDPR Terms & Docs Template Requirements example

Slide Content

The slide is a template example for GDPR-related terms and documentation, divided into three sections: Terms, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Files Policy. "Terms" includes definitions in plain English and covers key aspects like what GDPR is, what data is collected, and purposes like providing a product, billing, solving disputes, and marketing by you or partners, encouraging to specify your own topics. "Privacy Policy" emphasizes rights users have and prompts to specify your own topics. "Cookie Files Policy" outlines its purpose and also suggests specifying your own topics.

Graphical Look

  • Three content blocks, each with a different color, aligned horizontally across the slide.
  • Each block has a heading with larger, bold text, and a bulleted list of explanatory items underneath.
  • Icons positioned at the top right of each block: a padlock for Terms, an eye for Privacy Policy, and a cookie for Cookie Files Policy.
  • The icons are encircled with a thin line, the padlock in orange, the eye in blue, and the cookie in purple.
  • Colored markers (a line or a small circle) adjacent to each heading indicating the topic: orange for Terms, blue for Privacy Policy, and purple for Cookie Files Policy.
  • The bottom of each content block has softly rounded corners.
  • A clipboard icon with a checkmark is located at the bottom right-hand corner of the slide, indicating completion or a checklist.

The slide uses a clean and modern design with a clear structure that makes the information easy to digest. The icons and color-coding efficiently signify the subject of each block, aiding in quick comprehension.

Use Cases

  • During a presentation on GDPR compliance to inform staff or management about documentation requirements.
  • While conducting a workshop for businesses that need to understand and implement GDPR regulations.
  • In a sales pitch to potential clients, to showcase the company's adherence to GDPR and the thoroughness of documentation practices.
  • As a training resource for privacy officers and legal teams responsible for drafting or updating company policies and documentation to meet GDPR standards.

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