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Project Status Table with Signs: Done, Missed, Warning
from deck Creative Tables Graphics (PPT template)

Project Status Table with Signs: Done, Missed, Warning

Slide Content

The slide presents a matrix-like project status overview with six different criteria listed horizontally along the top and five projects labeled A through E listed vertically. Each project is evaluated against the criteria with the use of distinct colored icons—thumbs up (green) indicates "Done", thumbs down (red) signifies "Missed", warning sign (yellow) denotes a caution signaling "Warning", and a red "X" connotes tasks that have not been accomplished.

Graphical Look

  • Six tabs at the top with labels "Criteria 1" to "Criteria 6", each with a distinct background color ranging from teal to dark blue.
  • A table with alternating shades of light and darker gray for row backgrounds to improve readability.
  • Each criteria column associated with a specific icon: thumbs up, thumbs down, warning symbol (lightning bolt), and "X" mark.
  • The icons are color-coded: thumbs up in green (positive), thumbs down in red (negative), warning sign in yellow (cautionary), and red "X" (negative).
  • Thin black lines delineate the cells of the table and there are horizontal line separators between the rows labeled with project names.
  • The project names "Project A" through "Project E" are listed on the left side, with each name appearing on its own row.

The overall look of the slide is clean and straightforward with a clear color-coded system for quick visual assessment of project statuses. The use of colored icons against a grey table helps to focus the viewer's attention on the completion status.

Use Cases

  • To summarize project milestones or deliverables during a business review meeting.
  • For a dashboard display in project management meetings where individual project statuses need to be quickly communicated.
  • In progress reporting to stakeholders to visually indicate which areas of a project are on track, which are behind, and where caution is needed.
  • To evaluate team or department performance across multiple projects in a single view during executive briefings or performance evaluations.

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