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from deck New Physical Product Presentation One Pager (PPT Template)

This slide shows a product comparison on a one-pager. One pager are a useful tool that allows you to showcase information, such as product descriptions, on a single page for convenience and to hold the reader's attention. By using professionally designed templates such as these, you are able to save more time on making presentations, impress your audience, and achieve a visually appealing look. You can use this PowerPoint template to make a product comparison slide, make a price comparison table, present business information to clients, document user or customer experiences, write and share competitor analyses, and talk about new service features (e.g. updates to emails), use the layout in other presentations such as annual reports, link to product pages, etc.

All elements are fully editable, with icons coming in a vector format. You can give your diagrams a custom color scheme to match your brand's palette, resize images without loss of image quality & detail, download elements from PowerPoint and view them in a PDF format, add your own text and images, and data, or display shadows and other effects; for example.

Also compatible with Keynote and the Google office suite, such as Google Slides or Google Docs.

Slide contents:

Product One Pager PPT, Vector Graphic Illustrations, Product Comparisons, Textboxes, Placeholder Text, Line Shapes, Circle Shapes, Triangle Shapes, Arrow Shapes, Placeholder Logo Icon, Truck Icon, Internet Icon, Diamond Icons, Sofa Example Images, Resizable Shapes, Gray Background

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