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Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide showcases a "Flat 3 Level Funnel" model, a metaphor commonly used for various business processes, including sales, marketing, and project development. The funnel consists of three distinct levels: "Level 1" in green, indicating the initial or top phase of a process; "Level 2" in purple, which represents a subsequent, more refined stage; and "Level 3" in blue, denoting the final, most focused phase. To the right, each level is associated with a text box for "Your sample text," allowing for the addition of details or descriptions about each stage.

Graphical Look

  • A three-tiered funnel, with each level represented by a different color; green for the top tier, purple for the middle, and blue for the bottom tier.
  • Horizontal lines protrude from the right side of each funnel section, leading to rectangular text boxes.
  • Small circle nodes connect the funnel sections to the lines, indicating a flow or progression.
  • Three similar funnels with decreasing levels of opacity are aligned horizontally in the upper right corner, symbolizing the editability of the shapes.
  • A large turquoise banner at the top provides the slide's title in white text.
  • A smaller turquoise banner in the upper right corner contains the text "Fully editable shapes" in white.

The slide has a clean, modern design with flat graphics and a simple color scheme. The title and subtitles are clearly legible, and the shaded boxes to the right of the funnel offer plenty of space for additional information.

Use Cases

  • Presenting sales process stages from lead generation to closing deals.
  • Illustrating project phases in project management presentations.
  • Describing funnel analysis for marketing campaigns.
  • Explaining customer journey steps from awareness to conversion.

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