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Selecting best solutions - funnel diagram
from deck Problem-Solving Meeting Template (PPT graphics)

Selecting the Best Solutions

Slide Content

The slide appears to depict a process of filtering or prioritizing options to arrive at the best solution. Three options, A, B, and C, are shown entering the wide end of a funnel, converging into a single directed flow towards an outcome. This suggests a selection or decision-making process where multiple possibilities are considered and refined down to a singular, optimal choice. Each letter corresponds to a sample text, indicating placeholders for specific information about the options being considered.

Graphical Look

  • A large, light blue funnel dominates the center of the slide, representing a process of narrowing down options.
  • Inside the funnel, there are three dark blue circles labeled "A," "B," and "C," indicating different input elements or options within the process.
  • Below the funnel is a dark blue arrow pointing downwards towards a light blue rectangle that contains the word "Outcome," this signifies the result of the filtering process.
  • To the right of the funnel, there are three horizontally oriented, dark blue banners with white lettering, labeled "A," "B," and "C," each followed by the placeholder text "Your sample text."
  • Each banner aligns with the corresponding circle inside the funnel, visually connecting the text descriptions directly to the visualized options.
  • A medium blue banner at the top of the slide sets the stage with the white title text "Selecting the Best Solutions."

The overall look of the slide is clean and organized, utilizing shades of blue to denote various elements of the decision-making process. The visual metaphors of a funnel and flow towards an outcome clearly illustrate the concept of narrowing down options to reach a solution.

Use Cases

  • Presenting decision-making strategies in a corporate setting, illustrating how different options may be evaluated.
  • Explaining project management approaches that involve filtering ideas or solutions to tackle a specific problem.
  • Visualizing product or service evaluation processes where various features or proposals are narrowed down.
  • Using in a training or educational context to teach problem-solving and critical thinking skills by demonstrating selection and prioritization techniques.

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