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5 level funnel Infographics Diagram
from deck Infographics Funnel Diagram Pipeline Charts (PPT shapes)


Slide Content

The slide depicts a 5-level sales or marketing funnel, with each level color-coded and labeled from "Project 1" at the top to "Level 5" at the bottom. This type of visual is typically used to represent the stages of a process where the quantity decreases at each stage. For example, in sales, it might represent the customer journey from awareness to purchase, with each level indicating a further step toward conversion.

Graphical Look

  • A large funnel graphic dominates the slide, divided into five horizontal sections, each a different color and labeled with a different "Level" from top to bottom.
  • To the right of the funnel is a text box containing a heading "Project description" and placeholder text, which mimics a summary or details related to the funnel stages.
  • The funnel and text box are set against a minimalist background, providing a clean and focused visual experience.
  • The colors used in the funnel are distinct which helps in differentiating the stages and provides a strong visual contrast.

The overall look is modern and professional with a clear focus on the funnel graphic. The use of color helps draws the viewer’s attention to the different stages within the funnel.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating stages in a sales or marketing process during business meetings.
  • Demonstrating customer journey and conversion rates in a marketing strategy presentation.
  • Visualizing project milestones or stages in a project management workshop.
  • Explaining lead qualification steps in a sales training session.

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