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3 step scribble creative Funnel Infographics
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Slide Content

The slide shows a three-level funnel titled "Project 1", indicating a process or workflow. Each level of the funnel is marked as "Level 1", "Level 2", and "Level 3" respectively, with a space next to each level for "Your sample text". The levels could represent stages in a project, sales process, or other sequential activities where each stage feeds into the next, narrowing focus or selection at each step.

Graphical Look

  • A large funnel graphic divided into three distinct levels
  • Each level of the funnel is a different shade of yellow-orange, with a scribbled texture
  • The top of the funnel is capped with a cyan banner labeled "Project 1" with a similar scribbled texture
  • To the right of each funnel level, there is a horizontal grey line leading to a text box for additional information
  • Each text box has placeholder text "Your sample text" in grey font
  • The funnel and accompanying text boxes are centrally aligned against a plain white background

The slide has a hand-drawn, informal style due to the scribble textures within the funnel and title banner. The use of color is limited, with a contrasting cyan for the project title against warm yellow-orange for the funnel levels, making the diagram visually interesting yet easy to follow.

Use Cases

  • Explaining the stages of sales or marketing conversion from prospecting to closing deals
  • Illustrating project phases from initiation to completion in a project management presentation
  • Depicting the filtering process in data analysis or research methodology
  • Demonstrating levels of product development from concept to market launch

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