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Fruits and vegetables: raised crops
from deck Fruits Vegetables Crop Agriculture icons (PPT flat clipart)

Raised crops

Slide Content

The slide titled "Raised crops" features graphic icons representing different types of crops. There are three categories displayed: Fruits/Orange, Fruits/Apple, and Vegetables/Tomato, each illustrated by a simple, stylized icon. The category of fruits is split into two—Orange and Apple, indicating a focus on these types of fruit, whereas the third category specifies tomatoes as an example of vegetables.

Graphical Look

  • Three main graphical icons, each representing a different raised crop: an orange, an apple, and a tomato.
  • Each icon is accompanied by a label beneath it describing the category ("Fruits/Orange", "Fruits/Apple", "Vegetables/Tomato").
  • The icons have a flat design style with a limited color palette, dominated by shades of green.
  • The orange and tomato icons are on the right-hand side, while the apple icon is centered between them.
  • A dividing horizontal line separates two sections: the top one with the icons mentioned above and the bottom one labeled "Dark backgrounds versions".
  • The bottom section displays the same icons as above but with inverted colors suitable for dark backgrounds—ensuring contrast.
  • Adjacent to the bottom section is a contrasting box labeled "Natural color versions", showcasing the same icons in their natural, vibrant colors: orange for orange, red for apple, and red for tomato.

The slide has a simple, clean design with plenty of white space around the objects, providing a modern and professional appearance. The color variations at the bottom suggest adaptability for different slide background colors.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate various agricultural products in a business presentation about farming or agribusiness.
  • To compare and contrast different types of crops in an educational setting, such as a seminar on horticulture.
  • In marketing materials for a grocery store or produce distributor, showcasing the range of fresh produce they offer.
  • As visual aids in a discussion about dietary choices, highlighting fruit and vegetable options.

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