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Example of the colorful rectangles list
from deck Infographics Template - Pointed Rectangle Lists (flat PPT Diagrams)

Pointy Rectangles List - 4 items, colorful

Slide Content

The slide titled "Pointy Rectangles List - 4 items, colorful" presents a formatted list with four distinct sections, each with a space for a heading and additional text. The list is likely intended to showcase main points or steps in a process, where "Your headline" serves as a placeholder for a brief title, and "Put your text here." prompts for more detailed descriptions or explanations of each point.

Graphical Look

  • Four rectangular shapes with pointed tabs on the right side, aligned vertically.
  • Each rectangle has a unique color: blue, orange, teal, and green, from top to bottom respectively.
  • Inside each rectangle, there is a placeholder text labeled "Your headline" in bold, suggesting a title or a key topic.
  • Additional placeholder text "Put your text here." repeats three times below the title in each rectangle, indicating space for further details or descriptions.
  • The rectangles are evenly spaced, generating a clean and organized appearance.

The slide has a clean and professional look, using a colorful palette for easy differentiation between the list items. The pointed tabs add a dynamic feel to the otherwise static rectangles.

Use Cases

  • To outline a sequence of steps or stages in a business process, with each rectangle representing one step.
  • For summarizing main points or topics in a presentation, with each color-coded section signifying a distinct idea.
  • To provide an agenda or overview of a presentation, using the rectangles as a visually appealing way to list topics.
  • As a comparative tool to discuss four different products, services, or concepts, enabling a clear visual distinction.

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