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Fork out into 2 outputs process shown with pipe flow diagram
from deck Pipe Flow Chart Diagrams (PPT Template)

Pipe Flow Diagram Fork Out into 2 Outputs

Slide Content

This slide represents a process flow diagram where a single input forks into two different outputs. The input is represented by a box with a dollar sign icon, suggesting a financial resource or investment. The outputs are labeled 'Output 1' and 'Output 2', each with a unique icon – a laboratory flask for Output 1 indicating perhaps a research or scientific result, and a graph for Output 2 suggesting a data-driven outcome or report. This diagram visually conveys the division or allocation of resources or efforts from a singular source to multiple distinct results or areas.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white for maximum contrast and legibility.
  • The title is displayed at the top of the slide in large, bold, dark text.
  • A large, stylized pipe graphic is used to visually represent the flow from one input to two outputs.
  • The input box is green with a bold green outline and a dollar sign icon, conveying the idea of financial input or investment.
  • Each output box is grey with a colored outline (blue for Output 1, orange for Output 2) and a simple circular icon within, a flask for the first and a line chart for the second.
  • Thin colored arrows (blue and orange) emanate from the pipe, leading to each respective output, indicating the direction of flow.
  • Placeholder text areas are provided in each box for custom information and are marked in italicized font suggesting where to edit.

The overall look of the slide is sleek and professional, with a clear visual hierarchy that makes understanding the flow of information intuitive. The use of distinct colors for different elements aids in distinguishing separate pathways.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate the distribution of financial resources into two separate projects or areas within a company.
  • To depict key stages in a workflow where initial investments lead to multiple outcomes, such as product streams.
  • In a strategic planning presentation to show how a single strategic initiative can give rise to different focused strategies or results.
  • During a project kickoff meeting to clarify how resources or efforts will be divided and channeled into distinct deliverables or objectives.

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