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Forestry and wood industry icons

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Forestry and wood industry icons" and may provide an introduction or an overview of various icons, symbols, or pictograms that are related to forestry and the wood industry. These icons could represent different aspects such as types of trees, wood products, forestry equipment, logging activities, or sustainable forestry practices.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a neutral light color, which provides a clean backdrop for text and graphics.
  • The title "Forestry and wood industry icons" is in a large, bold, dark font, which ensures good readability.
  • There is a ribbon-like shape behind part of the title, extending from the left side; it has a darker shade of teal compared to the rest of the slide, providing contrast.
  • The ribbon has a cut-out arrow shape on the right side, giving a visual effect of the title emerging from it.

The slide has a simple and uncluttered design, with a clear focus on the title. The use of contrasting teal shades and the ribbon design element adds visual interest without being overwhelming.

Use Cases

  • Introducing the topic of forestry and wood industry in a business meeting or presentation, setting the theme for subsequent slides.
  • Providing a header for a section within a presentation that will delve deeper into the specifics of forestry and wood products.
  • Facilitating discussions on industry standards, safety practices, or educational training materials regarding forestry and wood industry operations.
  • Serving as the opening slide for a catalogue or compilation of visual icons that will be used in various communication and marketing materials related to the forestry sector.

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