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Follow up and next steps slide
from deck Status Review Meeting Template (PPT graphics)

Follow up. The next steps after meeting

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Follow up. The next steps after meeting" and serves as a reminder or action prompt for what should be done after a meeting has taken place. It highlights the importance of not losing momentum and ensuring that the consultations and decisions made during the meeting are put into action. This might involve sending out minutes, delegating tasks, or scheduling follow-ups.

Graphical Look

  • A rocket icon is positioned in the top-left corner of the slide, signifying progress or a launch, typically symbolizing a new initiative or the start of a follow-up process.
  • The slide's title text "Follow up. The next steps after meeting" is prominently displayed in large white font against a green background strip that spans from the left edge to the right middle of the slide.
  • The background is an out-of-focus photograph featuring a tablet and a white coffee cup on a wooden surface, creating a professional or office-related setting.
  • The slide employs a dark overlay on the photographic background, which enhances the contrast for the green title strip and the white text for readability.

The overall look of the slide is modern and professional, using a blend of imagery and color contrast to emphasize the message. The use of a rocket as a metaphor for action and progression post-meeting is visually appealing and straightforward.

Use Cases

  • To set the agenda for post-meeting activities in a corporate or team meeting.
  • As a closing slide in presentations to reinforce the importance of next steps and accountability.
  • In training or workshop settings, reminding participants of the actions required after the event.
  • As a visual aid during project management meetups to focus on the progression and immediate tasks that follow.

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