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Flat Flowcharts Nodes Shapes Index

Slide Content:

This PowerPoint slide serves as an index for various flat design flowchart node shapes. It includes common flowchart elements such as 'Start/End', 'Process step', 'Input/Output', 'Decision', 'Document', 'Many Documents', 'Predefined Process', and 'Delay'. Additionally, it features 'Connector Arrows', 'Display', 'Off-page Connector', and 'Connector'. Each term corresponds to a specific shape used in flowcharts to represent different types of actions or steps within a process, helping to standardize the visual representation of workflows or systems.

Graphical Look:

  • Each flowchart shape is flat with a solid fill and a simple outline, giving a clean and modern appearance.
  • The shapes are colored differently: purple for 'Start/End', orange for 'Process step', green for 'Input/Output', blue for 'Decision', teal for 'Document', and darker shades for 'Predefined Process' and 'Delay'.
  • Icons are minimalistic, with a hand-drawn aesthetic for the 'Connector Arrows' and geometric shapes for the others.
  • The layout is grid-like, with each flowchart element given its own space for clarity.
  • Arrows are used to denote the direction of the process or the use of connectors in a flowchart.

The slide has a modern and clean design, using a grid layout to organize a variety of flat, colorful icons representing different flowchart elements. The design is consistent and uncluttered, making it easy to identify and understand each element at a glance.

Use Cases:

  • In an instructional presentation explaining how to create flowcharts.
  • During a project planning meeting to agree on standard symbols for process mapping.
  • In a training module for new employees on understanding company workflows.
  • As part of a documentation template for process design and analysis.

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